The Paradox of Igbo Individualism


  • Thaddeus A. Oparah, PhD Madonna University, Nigeria


Igbo, individualism, philosophy, Igbo-Philosophy, Africa, socialism


The Igbo society was once a revered society. But somewhere along the line, the reverence that this society commanded fizzled out. A spotlight, by way of analysis, is made of the essential elements of what used to be the Igbo world-view, how it was threatened and lost, thereby creating a vacuum. The vacuum is considered to have made possible certain unpalatable consequences which have rendered the Igbo inconsequential in the larger Nigerian and African societies. This is why an Igbo person is less reckoned, if not totally neglected in the scheme of things, especially politics, in Nigeria. Secondly, the Igbo person no longer believes in himself as he would be complacent to upholding extraneous cultures and influences to his.

Author Biography

Thaddeus A. Oparah, PhD, Madonna University, Nigeria

Department of Philosophy
Madonna University, Nigeria


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