Philosophy Clinic

An Existential Need for Contemporary Nigerian Society


  • Purissima Emelda Egbekpalu, PhD Madonna University, Nigeria


Philosophy clinic, exigency, human existence, contemporary Nigeria


Human life is a complex phenomenon. In the recent times, a lot more of challenges that border on the worth and value of human life in general confront man. The contemporary Nigerians in particular have been so evidently plagued with daunting challenges. At the moment, the nation is exceedingly insecure! Such experiences affect their existence and spur them to question more consciously why they live. The true meaning of life and promotion of human dignity lethargically wane. Considering the myriad of economic, socio-political, religious, educational and the numerous devastating problems that menace the lives of Nigerians, this paper examines the best practice to re-discover more meaning and purpose as they navigate through those challenges of life. It then postulates the existential exigency of ‘philosophy clinic’ for authentic human existence. It portrays the role of existential philosophy towards authentic human existence through the analysis of human life and experiences. It submits that its relevance lies in assisting the individuals towards more self-creation and the implicit responsibility as well as recognizing new meanings in life even in the most miserable situations for enhancement of inner peace and harmony. The paper also discovers that discovering opportunities for exercise of meaningful actions will eventually discourage and curb actions that endanger human life and dignity in contemporary Nigerian society.

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Purissima Emelda Egbekpalu, PhD, Madonna University, Nigeria

Department of Philosophy
Madonna University, Nigeria


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