The Interplay of Philosophy and Law

A Bi-disciplinary Approach to Peaceful Co-existence in Nigerian Society


  • Purissima Emelda Egbekpalu, PhD Madonna University, Nigeria
  • Paschal Oguno, PhD Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University


Philosophy, law, bi-disciplinary approach, interplay, peaceful co-existence, Nigerian society


This paper examines the nexus between philosophy and law as a bi-disciplinary approach to peaceful co-existence in contemporary Nigerian society. It acknowledges that a harmonious interplay of philosophy and law enables peace from single individuals to the entire society. As philosophy shapes human mind and offers man wider horizon to understand life and act according to his true nature as a peaceful creature, law commands practical reasonable actions in his daily life and experiences for maintenance of peace in the society. The paper discovers that in relation to philosophy, reason is the ‘life-wire’ of law that guides its precepts and regulative goal towards good human behaviours for peaceful co-existence. It also establishes a strong tie between law and moral philosophy as normative sciences that set standards of human conducts and guide people towards their choices between right and wrong behaviours. It reveals too that philosophy which ensures that legal precepts are based on critical reasoning depend on true human nature and are practical as it mediates the relevance of law across ages and in concrete situations of life especially as it concerns common laws that have acquired their binding powers and legitimacy through lengthy usage. Interestingly, it divulges that positive laws are valid in so far as they are derived from objective moral principles, otherwise they become unjust laws and as such lack the character of law and by implication lack the binding authority for which no citizen is obliged to its obedience. Finally, the paper recommends that practical education and human empowerment which are valid for the contemporary Nigerian society be implemented to shape the sacred course that philosophy and law jointly champion for healthy living, secure and peaceful co-existence in the society

Author Biographies

Purissima Emelda Egbekpalu, PhD, Madonna University, Nigeria

Department of Philosophy
Madonna University, Nigeria

Paschal Oguno, PhD, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University

Faculty of Law
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University
Anambra State, Nigeria


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Egbekpalu, P. E. ., & Oguno, P. . (2022). The Interplay of Philosophy and Law: A Bi-disciplinary Approach to Peaceful Co-existence in Nigerian Society. Madonna University Thought and Action Journal of Philosophy, 1(2), 27–37. Retrieved from