African Leadership Recruitment in the Image and Likeness of Madiba Nelson Mandela


  • Alloy S Ihuah, PhD Benue State University, Makurdi- Nigeria


Madiba, Nelson Mandela, Leadership Recruitment, Leadership Lessons, African Politics, South-Africa, Apartheid


Good leadership and governance are key to sustainable human institutions. In Africa, Nelson Mandela stood out as an African icon and an international leader amidst the challenges of the South African environment. The disconnection between the rulers and the ruled suggests that African nations can develop only when the leadership question is rightly settled. Drawing lessons from the Madiba Nelson Mandela conundrum, we argue the thesis that, without comprehension, mental magnitude, spiritual depth, selflessness and incorruptibility which are the core indigenous African leadership qualities that defined the Mandela persona, our long walk to democratic consolidation will ever remain a distant dream. I argue further that, there is need for a revolution in the aims and methods of power engineering to promote the socio-economic and political desires of man. I argue the conclusion that, African leaders should domesticate the capacity and ability to appreciate and grasp the salient details as well as the practical and temporal implications of a given problem or situation; to lead and live by the personal example set by the Madiba Nelson Mandela, one leader crafted of gold and delivered to Africa for leadership lessons

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Alloy S Ihuah, PhD, Benue State University, Makurdi- Nigeria

Benue State University, Makurdi- Nigeria


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